The 5 most picturesque beaches in the world

There is always that one spectacular beach that you wish you could travel to, the one you dream about while your at work and the one you have saved as your screen saver on your computer. We thought we’d let you in on the secret that everybody wants to know, The top 5 most amazing beaches in the world

Anse Lazio


Anse Lazio is located on the Praslin Island off the East Coast of Africa. It is the beach that makes all the cares of the world wash away with its crystal blue waters and white sands.  It is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and has some of the most amazing underwater sea life to be found. If you want a place to relax and catch back up with life, there is no better place. Hop on a quick flight to Seychelles International Airport, another smaller flight to Praslin Island and there you will find your own isolated slice of paradise.

Cala d’Hort Beach


Let’s jump on the party bus and hit up the famous Ibiza beach. It’s only a small beach, boasting 150metres of white sand, with a stunning backdrop forming part of a national park. Not only are you able to swim, relax and unwind on this beach; from wherever you park your towel the party will begin. Grab some mates a few drinks and make the most of the amazing views ;). Cala d’Hort is located only a 10 minute drive from San Jose’ or Cala Vadella and you can only get there by car. Make sure you stay for the sunset, it won’t disappoint.

White Haven Beach


As the name suggests, White Haven beach is a dazzling haven of pure white sands and quite literally a beach from heaven. Located on the Whitsunday Island, off the east coast of Australia, it’s no wonder it has made the list. Not only is the sand white but the turquoise waters demand the astute swimmer its attention. With its quaint sophistication and beckoning cool waters, it is a must on any traveler’s itinerary. Located in the center of the Great Barrier Reef you often see unbelievable sights of turtles, dolphins and other marine life in the shallow waters. It draws the discerning investigator to swim with the sea life and discover the wonders of the reef. This beach has been voted the top beach for its ecofriendly initiatives.

Lopes Mendes Beach


Not only does Brazil claim Rio De Janeiro and the most famous Mardi Gras in the world; it also possesses one of the top 5 beaches.  Another small beach, with so much to offer, only 3km wide Located on the Liha Grande Island.  The sand is so fine and the grains so minute that when you walk the squeaking sound is music to your ears. This is a perfect beach to bring the BF who can bring the board while you tan those cheeks. Being only an 18 minute drive from Liha Grande Island, making it a must tick off place on your list.

Huahine Beach


Tahiti enough said. Fresh flavours, coconuts, cool drinks and plenty of flowery lays to go around. Word on the street is there is very little about this place, which makes for the excitement and isolation. 40 minutes by plane to get to this island off Tahiti, means that most people may never find this piece of paradise. However, if you ever get the chance then this beach is worth the extra flight. The beach is found on Little Huahine, Huahine Iti, to the south and asserts itself clearly in the minds of beach lovers.  With its cool white sand, shallow waters, inlets that you can swim to and waters that make you drool.


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