7 Iconic rail way journeys around the world!

If you’ve ever considered heading overseas, jumping on a train probably isn’t always your first thought or even considered at all. Let me clear the air, the kind of train rides we are talking about is nothing to do with you heading to work on the morning commute or seeing the same guy sleeping in the corner for the last year. The train rides we are going to be exploring bring with them excitement, adventure and once in a lifetime views and let me tell you there is no better time get your ass onto the trip of a lifetime. The following rail journeys have all upped the ante in transport, holidaying and luxuriousness creating an adventure not to be missed.

If you have ever considered seeing the rolling hills in the countryside then the railway journey is a quintessential part of seeing the hidden beauties. Not much surpasses the extravagance of boarding a these unique trains, travelling by train track, meeting people that share in your own passions and being totally spoilt with the sites and sounds of the sojourn you may not have known you always wanted.

There are 7 main train journeys around the world. Each one of these trips will inspire you to explore new sites around the world on an iconic train. If you are expecting the ordinary, you will be mind blown.

Rocky Mountaineer Canada

Who hasn’t heard of the Canadian Rockies! This would be number one on the list of the most archetypal railway journeys. As you head through the Canadian Rockies, you will be swept up in the vision of such beauty and wilderness, enveloping the UNESCO world heritage site. Short but sweet; real sweet! It is roughly a 2-day trip and it takes you from Vancouver to Whistler, Jasper and Calgary in the Rockies. The train follows three different journeys on three different routes. These include Kicking Horse, Yellow Head and Fraser discovery. Every corner you turn has the wow factor and brings you to a point of awestruck wonder. Your senses will be awakened with the beauty of North America. The snow capped mountain peaks, mirror like lakes and the pools of coloured water that bring you to silence; all work together to remove the stresses of everyday life and take you to Nirvana.

Gold leaf service is available. For 2 days and 1 night including seating in a dome like cabin, meals and drinks and the beauty and wonder thrown in for free.

Prices start from $2,503.98 per person.

For more details contact:   www.rockymountaineer.com

Rovos Rail, South Africa

Tranquil, stunning, impressive, awe inspiring are just some of the words that come to mind when describing this train trip. Leaving from Cape Town heading along South Africa’s garden route towards DaresSalaam in Tanzania the game reserves in Mpumalanga and finally ending in Victoria Falls.

Each day brings you a little closer to an adventure filled with unique experiences and a sense of reverence.

The itineraries are many and varied; ranging from 24 hours to a fortnight. Just to give you some perspective one of the trips consists of 3 days and 2 nights and prices start at $2,425.01 per person, that you guessed it takes you right across the victoria falls. You can take in the sights and sounds of Africa and the African animals along this long weekend you will not quickly forget.

The accommodation on the train ranges from eloquent paneled pullman suites through to deluxe and royal suites; that make you feel like a king. All of the staterooms include ensuites, mini bars and lots of storage space for your luggage not to mention the lounge cars are furnished with deep sofas that you sink into. The most popular spot is normally the observation car where you can take in the sights smells and sounds of Africa. If you are lucky enough you can even see the big 5 animals, which is a must see for the astute traveller.

For more information contact www.rovos.com

Venice – Simpson Orient – Express, Europe

Who hasn’t wanted to travel along the illuminating and eerily surreal stations found on one of the most famous destinations of the world? Made famous by Agatha Christie, The Orient Express,’ is another of the iconic railways that we wanted to bring to your attention. This train travels between Rome and Calais and has been featured on many television shows, worldwide.

Fortunately for us, The Orient Express has been modernized, harmonized and sympathetically redesigned. In what feels like another life-time, the train carried people from Germany to their destination at the end of World War 1.

Since its modernization to create a luxurious and vibrant feel the carriages have taken on a new persona. They have large picturesque windows, allowing you to have a full view of outside and take in the sights and attractions while travelling through Europe.

With its silver service in the dining car; you are waited on hand and foot and fittingly feel like royalty.

For a trip from London – Venice to Rome is 4 days and 3 nights and the price is from $4,602.21 per person twin share, with all meals included.

For more information contact: www.orient-express.com

Golden Eagle, Russia

The eagle has landed, literally. The Golden Eagle is not just another rail journey. The track runs through the Tran-Siberian route between Vladivostok and Moscow.

The golden eagle is just like a luxury hotel, but on wheels. The train features 12 ensuite sleeping cars with the works: DVD’s and ipod players, TVs, showers and under floor heating, which makes you get the feeling that you are in a hotel. The Eagle gives you the option of two dining cars adding to its elegance and variety. The restaurants are beautifully presented and appointed. This is complemented by international wines and locally sourced vodka, which acquaints you with the scene. Your cabin steward is there to help you at anytime during your journey. The Golden eagle train is renowned for its long-distance rail tours.

For more information contact: www.gwtravel.co.uk

Indian Pacific, Australia

With its vast distances, Australia is renowned for scenery that changes as quickly as the temperature. One of its best-known rail journeys runs from Sydney to Adelaide and finishes in Perth. Known for being the longest stretch of rail in the world, the Indian Pacific stretches its tracks across a distance of 4,352km. Not only is it the longest stretch, it also includes the longest stretch of straight track in Australia.

The service of the train has recently been upgraded to provide improved services. These latest updates offer some great level of comfort, including spacious ensuite cabins. The Queen Adelaide restaurant showcases some prestigious culinary skills, plated up and delectably presented. There is an on-call cabin attendant, which will come and assist you with your needs and enquiries.

This three-day journey is broken up with some sightseeing tours to some of the remote outback locations. You can stop in on some small towns or you can visit the Barossa Valley vineyards and sample some appetizing wines.

The prices start from $5,067.88 per person in platinum service. Definitely worth taking in these majestic sights of the iconic “land down under”, our homeland.

For more information contact: www.gsr.com.au

The Royal Scotsman Scotland 

Don’t be fooled by stereotypes! The Royal Scotsman is just as surprising as the country it travels. The luxury and individuality of this rail journey is so unique and so special that it only caters for a maximum of 36 people at a time, to make it an intimate close-knit group.

From the windows you can see the peaks of the majestic mountains and pass through some loches, all from the comfort of your cabin or from the Edwardian Observation car. This train ride will give you some of the best views within all of Scotland.

The meals are created in a candlelit room to give you the sensation that this is a peaceful train and they care about your comfort. Everyone comes together to eat and enjoy some fancy beverages while telling stories of their different adventures of past and present travels.

There are formal nights, which give you a chance to celebrate and dress up in style and when its all over you are guaranteed a decent nights rest on this historic rail.

There are a range of itineraries to Scotland’s west, north and highlands to choose from. You can get a 7 night grand tour of Scotland that shows you many sights and places with prices starting from $17,945.89 per person.

For more information contact: www.royalscotsman.com

Hiram Bingham, Peru

The Orient Express returns! Not only can you travel on the Orient across Europe you can also journey Peru.

The rail travels from Cusco to Machu Picchu, ensuring that the guests are comfortable, treated amazingly and travel in style with the world-class facilities on the train.

This train caters for up to 84 passengers. This one-day journey on the train includes brunch on the way to Machu Picchu, a guided tour of Machu Picchu, where you will be given a real insight into the experience of one of the wonders of the world. Afternoon tea is provided at Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge as well as cocktails and dinner with South American wines to delight the senses.

The price is from $800.62 per person.

This is an experience of a lifetime.

For more information contact: www.orient-express.com


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