Ever thought about travelling to Nepal!

world map of Nepal

You may not have ever thought about travelling to Nepal but let me assure you it should be right up there with the best in the world. Located in Asia right next to India and China you can immediately begin to understand the unique landscape that such an area of the world can bring. If you have ever been to Asia you will know the unbelievable truth that most of the country lives on next to nothing in poverty stricken lands. Nepal is known for its remote villages hidden in the mountains where they grow their own food on hill terraces that go up even the steepest mountains. Due to the intense terrain that Nepal is located, there is no need for the finer things in life with minimal roads and access to things. However don’t let this deter you away, this only adds to the amazing experience. This place gives you a chance to connect back with nature, reality and yourself. It gives you a glimpse into a simpler time where phones, cars and machinery didn’t exist. It allows you to see a different side of the world, where the struggles of modernism haven’t taken over yet.

So why choose to head to this remote part of the world, allow us to tell you:

  1. I’ll start with the big one, EVEREST.

mount everest

If you have ever wanted a challenge, then here it is. Nepal is that starting location for the infamous everest climb, where you can set off up the worlds tallest mountain. If you are thinking about making the climb, get your body in shape first. It’s not easy and will definitely take it out of you. Depending on how high you want to climb, we recommend a minimum of 6 months high tensity training. If your thinking of pushing your limits higher than base camp, train for longer. We like the saying you can never be over prepared.

2. Visit the Boudhanath (Stupa)

Boudhanath (Stupa)

This is the largest buddism temple in all of Nepal. It gives you an insight into the ancestral past and unique heritage of this part of the world. The unique architectural design of the temple will leave you wanting to explore, wondering what is around the next corner. this is not to be missed.

3. Poon Hill

Poon Hill

This amazing trek will leave you breathless, with most people opting to take the trail pre sunrise and capture the morning in all its glory. This trek is a lot simpler and easier than that of everest, whilst still giving you a view to remember.

4. Phewa Tal (Fewa Lake)


No motors, no machinery just a peaceful lake with hand rowed boats scattered though out. If your looking to wind down and relax this is for you. Get in touch with nature and listen to the sounds and smells associated with the land.

5. Nepalese food


If your anything like me, I will literally travel solely to try the food. Nepalese food is a unique experience made up of spices and hand grown vegetation. The rich history of the culture and land is shown through their cooking techniques and styles that are hard matched anywhere else in the world.

This is only a short list of exciting things to explore while in Nepal. The cultural experience and character of the nepalese people is bare non in the world as they welcome you with open arms. Why go somewhere that everyone else has been, jump head height into culture and emerge yourself with its experiences.

Written by Jake Foster of Benson and Morgan



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