Up, up and away… have you thought about?

You need to take into consideration the planning of the trip and what goes into it.

The following is a quick checklist:


  • The best time to of the year to visit your destination – this includes wet and dry seasons, hot or cold weather, snow or sunshine, tourists a plenty, and finally, is it school holidays or not.
  • The cost of the flights. If you are flexible with the dates then there are cheaper days and nights than at other more popular, or busier, times.
  • The accommodation style that you prefer, taking your budget into consideration.
  • The mode of transport that you are going to use.  Are you travelling in style or are your feet doing the walking?
  • How much money are going to budget to spend each day?  Don’t forget to include eating out or are you going to dine in?
  • Are you going to purchase insurance and what company are you going to go with?
  • Do you need a visa or a visa waver for the place that you are sojourning in?
  • Are you going to do day trips while there?
  • Are you dancing the night away? as you’ll need to allow extra for the drinks.
  • You need a passport that is valid for 6 months after the date that you are returning home.
  • Will you need to contact people overseas or just use available wifi connections?
  • Have you thought about taking cash or using your debit/credit card?
  • Do you need vaccinations?
  • Where to next?








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