5 excellent destinations for the vagabond in their 20s

There are those ultimate destinations that people in their 20s have always wanted to visit, whether it is a well known tourist spot or a country that has a good vibrant atmosphere for pubs or clubbing. These top 5 places are cliché places. You will want to pack your bags right now and be whisked away to venture the journey that you are about to embark on. These 5 places will inspire you to go exploring.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands in Europe; it is the country’s largest city. Amsterdam is known for the red light district, and the canals that surround the different waterways, making Amsterdam what it is today. When you think of movies that were filmed in Amsterdam, there are 2 main movies that come to mind; The fault in our stars and Ocean’s 12. Amsterdam would be the ideal place for someone in their 20’s, as the nightlife here is good, the atmosphere here is good and a vibrant place to be seen for someone of this age.


2. Las Vegas, USA


Las Vegas is located in Nevada, USA. It is known for its 24hour clubs, pubs and entertainment. There are lots of different themed hotels and casinos like a Sphinx, Brooklyn bridge, Venice and Paris. Each and every one of these different hotels represent a different attraction or place around the world. Las Vegas is a must see place, although, you need to be prepared for the wait to get into the pubs and clubs. Vegas is the place to be for people in their 20s, but remember the legal age is 21 in the USA. If you get tired of pubs and clubs the Grand Canyon is an easy visit from Vegas.


3. Indio,California, USA


Indio is a city nestled in the Riverside County of California, USA. Indio is known as the city of festivals and is located in the Palm Valley area, which is typically a dry landscape.  Coachella music and the arts festival, which run in April, are a must for music and art lovers and anyone in between. Their biggest festivals are held between October and May and missing them would be a great disappointment. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s then this is the place to be seen and to see.


4. Ibiza


Ibiza is an island located off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. I have recently published an article “The 5 most picturesque beaches in the world” where I mentioned one of the beaches in Ibiza to go and visit. Ibiza is known for its pubs and clubs so you know that you are going to have a great time. In summer you will find lots of tourists here and plenty of things to do. The world heritage sites are a must see for the cultured traveler. If you’re in this age group you will find lots of people just wanting to have a good time partying on in Ibiza. Arriving is simple, as there is an airport on the island and once there Ibiza has everything on offer and no need to go elsewhere. The 5 most picturesque beaches in the world


5. Bali, Indonesia


Bali is located in Indonesia and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Bali attracts a lot of young people, particulary those in their 20s that want a good time with cheap drinks, pumping music and a good vibe.

The average price for alcohol in Bali ranges from $1 to $9 AUD depending on where you go.

The main hang out areas in Bali are Kuta and Seminyak.































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