Scenic World – Sculptural Exhibition

Recently I took a day trip to Scenic World located in Katoomba surrounded by the infamous The Blue Mountains.

Price and what is included:

Included in the price is unlimited rides on the Railway, Skyway, Cableway and Walkway.


Adult: $39

Concession: $35

Family $99

2x adults and up to 5 children under 14 years old

Child: $21

Aged 4-13 years. Children under

Getting there:

Scenic World is roughly an 1 hours and 50 minutes drive from Sydney.

And nearly 3 hours from Sydney by train.

 Every year Scenic World hosts a sculpture exhibition, representing both local and overseas artists and their installations portrayed amongst a natural setting.

If coming by train the walk from the station is roughly 30 minutes, but is also easily accessible by bus or taxi.

The exhibition begins each year around April and lasts about a month.

Scenic World itself is not to be missed and if you have the chance to visit when the installation is happening it is definitely worth it.


The sculptures are made out of different materials and some of the sculptures have made use of nature.  To see the sculptures you must first traverse the mountainside.  This can be done by either rail or cable car.

Railway:  There is no other railway like it in Australia.  This steep train makes its descent down the mountain.  The train is not for the faint hearted as its descent is 310 meters into the Jamison valley.   You can change the degree of the seat, so you can choose either the cliff hanger which is a 64 degree incline the original which is 52 degrees or the laid back. The train makes you feel like you are on a roller coaster when you lean forward and the train is going down vertically.   The train ride is 90 seconds but it is sure not to be missed.  Departing every 10 minutes, means you are always guaranteed a ride.

Skyway: The Skyway glides between two clifftops and makes use of a glass bottom in the middle of the car.  If you are game you can look through the glass and it feels like you are suspended in mid air.  The impression you experience is like no other and it feels like you’re on top of the mountain.  You get a different perspective of seeing the valley the surrounding areas and the Three Sisters.

Cable Car: This cable car is Australia’s largest and steepest cable car.  From the cable car you see Mount Solitary and The Three Sisters.  As you descend from the cliff top into the Jamison valley the view almost takes your breath away as you are surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountain spectacular.

Walking: There are plenty of walking tracks which range from a short walk, for those that would rather a stroll to a longer walk, ensuring your heart rate is elevated. You can even walk to decent viewing points to see the Three Sisters, waterfalls and the Jamison Valley.

All of the listed attractions either ascend or descend the mountainside, except for the Skyway.  My suggestion, walk down the mountain and catch one of them back up for the exercise.

I wanted to experience Scenic World for myself and the bonus for me was the Sculpture Exhibition, which I am sure to return to next year.


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