Vivid Sydney 2017

2 weeks a go I went on a week holiday to see Vivid Sydney. Vivid is this visual attraction in Sydney, where the city lights up with bright colours and blown up objects. There is different photo opportunities throughout the city and different places offer different activities at that place. There is so much to see and do throughout vivid that you will not want to miss any of vivid, so hop on a plane or a bus and I will take you to see vivid through out Sydney.

IMG_3917 2IMG_4665IMG_4619IMG_4542IMG_4220IMG_4508IMG_4148IMG_4077IMG_4268IMG_4037IMG_3993IMG_3989featureIMG_3880IMG_3862IMG_3854IMG_4573

There is many advantage points to see and explore vivid:

When you explore Darling Harbour make sure you watch the fire works on Friday and Saturday night a good advantage point to seeing the  “Magicians of the mist” show and the fireworks together is the pyrmont bridge.

The royal botanic gardens are another attraction in Sydney, with different attractions to view inside the gardens

Hop on a cruise or catch the manly ferry to take in the sights of vivid. This ferrry goes from circular quay, which is where the main attrations are being held.

Vivid takes place on a yearly basis it runs from the 26th  May to the 17th June

Vivid is a free attraction and there is something for everyone here, from the kids to the adults.


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