Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie is located in Australia on the upper side of New South Wales. It is a medium sized coastal beachside town.

There are plenty of things to see and do here and with this comes great opportunities to relax and take in the pristine coastal views of the beach.


The accomodation here is sufficient as it ranges from motels to hotels to caravan parks and everything in between.

I stayed at The Breakwall Caravan park which is located on the break wall in Port Macquarie. This caravan park is located in town and just a short stroll to the shops.

The Breakwall Caravan Park has views of the break wall where you can purchase a rock and depict your story to be told in the years to come.

The break wall lines the waters edge of the river inlet, where river cruisers and sea planes are seen on a daily basis taking in the picturesque waterways.

The Caravan Park is dog friendly and caters to all needs.

There are plenty of walking tracks around the local area.  The different tracks take you on a journey that survey the scenery, whilst taking in local sculptures and witnessing the breathtaking beaches of the coast that surrounds Port Macquarie.

Tacking Point Lighthouse is a unique little white lighthouse that offers views of the ocean, you might catch a glimpse of a whale breeching as it is a known area to view the whales.  On any given day you will see photographers taking in the scenery as it is a spot well known for offering amazing photographic scenery.


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