TimberTown is an attraction park, that is located in Wauchope, New South Wales, near the town of Port Macquarie.

TimberTown is an attraction park that has established itself to replicate the olden days of the Australian heritage. Step back in time to envisage what it was like back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and imagine what you would have done in this era.

Your journey of reimagining begins at the entrance to TimberTown where you are greeted by a variety of images that immediately take you back to a time and place that can only be encapsulated in your mind.  There is something for everyone to do at TimberTown and it caters to all people of all ages.

Make sure you check the daily program as it changes, to see what is on to ensure you do not miss any of the main attractions.

Price and what is included:

This price includes all heritage rides and demonstrations

Adult: $20.50

Senior: $18.50

Family $99 (2x adults and 2 children)

Child aged 3-15 years: $16

Children under 3 are free

IMG_5072IMG_4991IMG_5031IMG_4956DSC00869IMG_4900IMG_4890IMG_4988IMG_4950IMG_5042Timbertown water featureIMG_5046IMG_5009IMG_4962IMG_5062DSC00846IMG_4891DSC00754DSC00867DSC00751DSC00865



There are 17 attractions to pick and choose that range from taking the steam train that goes around the outskirts of the attraction park to pedal boats on the lake.  The steam train with its open windows allows the tourist views from every angle to ensure you will not miss a thing. There are 3 carriages to choose from, and personally I found the back carriage the best one for taking photos or videos to reminisce about your experience at TimberTown.


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